Mailing Address:

760 Tobias Road
Halifax, Pa. 17032

Phone number: 717-362-9126
Fax Number: 717-362-9993

Information on Zoo Exhibits:

Mammals and Birds
Ern Tobias

Reptiles and Tropical Birds:
 Jan Tobias-Kieffer 


Administrative Staff:

General Park Manager:
                        Ern Tobias

Assistant Park Manager:
                        Michael Jury

Financial Manager:
                        Pam Jury

Director- Public Relations/Marketing/Advertising:
                         Jan Tobias-Kieffer

Director - Personnel & Human Resources: 
                         Jo Etta Miller

Director - Food Services:
                          Jo MIller

Manager - Office & Reservations:
                           Pam Jury

Manager - Souvenirs:
                           Joyce Snyder

Manager - Reptile Department: 
                             Jan Tobias-Kieffer

Manager - Baby Animal Department:
                             Shayna Etter

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