Park Rules

To help you enjoy your visit, Park Management encourages you to follow these guidelines:

  • DO NOT bring pets into the zoo( with the exception of certified service animals)
  • Alcohol is NOT permitted at the Park.
  • DO NOT bring firearms or any weapons onto park property
  • Only animal food sold at the Park is permitted for feeding the animals
  • When feeding the animals, be cautious.  Our animals cannot distinguish fingers from food
  • DO NOT tease, chase or throw objects at any animals
  • Understand that animals need rest and privacy, just like humans.  Animals may have access to off-exhibit areas during the day and may not always be visible
  • Deliberate mistreatment of our animals, intentional disregard of Park rules or rude, disruptive behavior toward other Park visitors, may result in dismissal from Lake Tobias without compensation 
  • Stay out of restricted areas and respect barriers
  • DO NOT crawl on perimeter fences or climb trees
  • Smoking is permitted in designated areas only
  • Inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances may cause us to temporarily close safari tours, shows or exhibits.
  • Understand that we cannot control the weather.  We do not give refunds for inclement weather
  • In the event of severe weather, immediately go to your vehicle
  • Turn in or claim lost items at the Concession Stand
  • Keep the Park clean by putting litter in the proper trash receptacles
  • Feel free to ask Park staff if you need help or have any questions

If you have a question concerning the park's rules that is not addressed here, please call the Park office at 717-362-9126 or email us at