Birthday parties, family reunions, company picnics, club outings and even weddings take place at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. All special events such as these do require pre-scheduling with reservations being made at least two weeks prior to the event.  Information on Table Reservations and Group Rates can be found on our website under those particular headings. You must call the park office for information on payment for your group. We accept payment by cash, company check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. To schedule your group, call the Park Reservation Office at 717-362-9126  or email

 When pre-scheduling a birthday party at the park, reservations must be made two weeks in advance. The party host is permitted to bring decorations, refreshments and cake as well as party game items. Please have the following information available when calling the Reservation Office: number of people attending; credit card account number; will you be paying park admission for all of your guests; will you be purchasing safari tours for your guests.  In order for your reservation to be officialy recorded, it is importatnt that you have this information ready when you call. 

For your convenience, we offer Birthday Package Deals which include:  table reservations; crackers to feed the animals; and pre-paid passes for your guests. Please call the Reservation Office at 717-362-9126 or email for more information or to schedule a party.   

When pre-scheduling a group at the park, reservations must be made two weeks in advance. We can accommodate small and large group gatherings. You are welcome to bring your own picnic foods and grills but, if you are in need of a caterer, we can recommend a few local caterers to serve you. If you are using a charcoal grill, we require that you dispose of the coals safely on the stones and not on the grass or near any play areas. Reunions -  due to the fact that reunion attendance is most often not known when scheduling and arrival time of guests often occurs sporadically throughout the event, reunion groups are charged the regular rate for park admission at the gate. However, a reunion is able to receive the group discount for the safari tour upon request. More information on this can be acquired from our Reservation Office.   


Our picnic pavilions are all situated around the lake with very pleasant views of the park.  Each pavilion has eight, extra long tables; has access to electricity; and is capable of seating a maximum of 120 people. The per-table seating capacity is 15 to 20 people each.

Pavilion A is located at the center of the park in the handicapped parking area and is used for our handicapped groups and over-flow seating for our concession customers. This pavilion has a jungle gym play facility and is near the public restrooms.  Pavilion B sits directly across from the entrance to the safari fields and the new Safari Station.  It is in a more secluded area of the park with a pirate ship play facility for children and is near the public restrooms.  Pavilion C and Pavilion D are both located across the walking bridge from Pavilion B and are separated by a jungle gym play facility.  These two pavilions can be reserved together for our larger groups and are the closets pavilions to the parking areas. The restroom facility nearest to these pavilions is a protable toilet. However, public restrooms are within a few minutes walk from the pavilions. 

Small, intimate weddings have taken place on the island at our lake as well as larger, informal wedding receptions at our pavilions. The rental rate for the island can be obtained from the Reservation Office. Please note, our park hours apply as listed under the Park Hours heading and park rules do not permit alcohol on park property.