Baby Animal Program

fawn Numerous babies of all species are born throughout the year at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park.  The purpose of our Baby Animal Department is to administer aid to those babies that need additional or special care.

In some cases, the mother has rejected the baby which requires our staff to step in and take over the mothering duties.  Sometimes the separation is temporary while the baby is being treated for an illness or needs help with early detected nursing difficulties.  Other times the staff gets the baby ready to be placed in another zoo.  An animal that is hand-raised is much less stressed when transporting, when needing veterinary care, or when transitioning to a new home.


The baby animal crew feeds and cares for their young residents in the Zoo Babies area of the park.  You may also find crew members occasionally walking some of the larger young animals around the park grounds or visiting the Reptiles & Exotics facility during show times with a special baby animal.