children feeding water buffalo off busThere are four general areas where food can be purchased at the park. The Hub Refreshment Stand, the Grille & Grub and the Chill Zone are all located in the center of the park which is the hub of park activity.  The new Safari Station also has a snack shop that offers the same snack foods as the Hub Refreshment Stand.  Visitors can purchase hot food such as our renowned bison burgers at our Grille & Grub.

Visitors are also welcome to bring picnic lunches to enjoy at the park.

Preregistered groups of 20 or more that wish to order from the Chill Zone may contact the park office at (717) 362-9126 or (717) 362-6931 for details on a group order sheet. Please note: this order form must be completed and returned no less than two weeks in advance of your visit. However, group ordering is not available Saturdays and Sundays. Please understand that meal service is limited to one preregistered group per weekday. Please call 2 weeks prior to your scheduled date to order group lunches.

Snack foods, drinks, and Safari Tour tickets are sold at the Hub Refreshment Stand and the Safari Station. The variety of snack foods available include: candy, popcorn, and soda.  Park Management and First Aid Personnel are also located at the Hub Refreshment Stand and Safari Station.

The Chill Zone (located directly across from the Hub Refreshment Stand) offers subs, pretzel bun sandwiches, nachos with cheese, ice cream, beverages, Slush Puppies, and Freeze Pops.

Animal Food:  Souvenir cups of carrots, food pellets, and popcorn to feed the animals are available for purchase at our concession stands.  Due to safety regulations and possible contamination, the only animal food approved by the USDA to feed our animals is the food sold at our concession stands. Animal food can be purchased at the Hub Refreshment Stand, the Safari Station, and the Petting Zoo.