Official Statement Regarding Giraffe’s Arrival

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park
Official Statement for Website and Facebook – 8/26/18

It’s Coming! Our first giraffe will be making its way to the park on Thursday!  HOWEVER – it WILL NOT be on exhibit until a later date.  A giraffe requires very specialized handling and care.  The opening of the exhibit will be determined by how quickly the giraffe becomes acclimated to its new facility.  When the park curator deems the giraffe is comfortable in its new surroundings, the exhibit will be opened to the public. At that time, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park will post the opening on our website, Facebook, and notify the local media.  We are as excited as our park visitors about the arrival of the giraffe, but our zookeepers and staff are resolute in putting the giraffe’s care and comfort above all else.  Thank you for your patience.   Please note that the Lake Tobias website and Facebook are the only official sites for information about our park. All other postings regarding the opening of our exhibits or general park news are considered unofficial and therefore may not be correct.

The giraffe exhibit is now open and the giraffes can be seen every Saturday and Sunday 9:30 AM- 6:00 PM until the end of October as well as October 8, Columbus Day.

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is closed M-F during the months of September and October.