Exhibit Featuring Bengal Tigers

bengal tiger at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Come Meet Our Twin Bengal Tigers

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is proud to announce our Bengal tiger exhibit is popular with park visitors. Our enclosure was built in 2006, and visitors can catch a glimpse of our twin tigers that have grown quite a bit since they were first introduced to the park at just a year old. Now at 12 years of age, they are both magnificent animal ambassadors delighting visitors with their antics and grace.

Enrichment Offered at Lake Tobias

Our Bengal tiger boys need a lot of enrichment to keep them healthy mentally and physically. Our large tiger enclosure was specially built for our twin boys and keeps them busy. Our water features include a water fountain and pool for them both to play in and cool off on hot summer days. This enclosure is one of our largest to give them plenty of room to romp around and be as active as they’d like to be.

Beyond the enclosure itself, we also offer enrichment with the way that they are fed. For instance, during the summer months, they love getting frozen treats. These treats typically involve what’s basically a large ice cube surrounding meat. They lick away the ice to get to the meaty center. Rather than just dumping food in a bowl, the keepers give them these kinds of food puzzles to keep them using the same skills they would use in the wild to find their food.

Importance of Bengal Tigers

Our Bengal tigers are the pride of Lake Tobias, and we greatly appreciate the chance to educate the public about these wonderful animals. Currently, Bengal tigers are on the IUCN’s Red List of Endangered Animals due to a variety of threats they face.

Poachers are a real problem as they hunt tigers illegally. There’s also the illegal pet trade problem. Plus, tigers are losing their habitat due to the ever expanding human population that decimates their territory and decreases the prey in their existing territory. Climate change is also playing a role in their habitat loss as rivers are rising causing them to have to move towards more populated areas.

Lake Tobias’ Twin Tiger Brothers

Come and visit our Bengal tiger brothers to get an idea on the true majesty that can be seen with these beautiful creatures. You’ll understand why you should support conservation efforts, and learn about how you can do your part to help protect these wild animals.