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Adventure Seeking Safaris

SAFARI TOURS are one of the special attractions at Lake Tobias. Specially designed cruisers take you across 150 acres of rolling land where you see herds of wild and exotic animals from around the world.

Wildlife You Can Touch

Children young and old love to feed the animals in the PETTING ZOO. At Lake Tobias a hungry herd of friendly creatures is always eager to meet you.

Reptiles & Crawly Things

Come visit our Reptiles & Exotics Building and see all things scaly, slithery, and creepy that live under rocks, in trees, and in the water!

Noteworthy Information

Central PA Wildlife-Themed Family Activities

Enjoy animal-themed family activities that appeal to all ages at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. From strolling through our zoo to view exotic creatures from afar to getting up close and personal with the animals in our open-air safari tour, there are many things to do during your visit to the park.

Fun Family Activities And Zoo Exhibits

At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, there are plenty of options for family fun. Our self-sustaining family-owned park is committed to introducing you and your family to a wide variety of exotic and familiar animals that you can observe, touch, and even feed during your visit.

Our premier attraction here at the park is our open-air safari tour. After boarding our open-top tour bus, you travel through over 150 acres of woodland and pasture habitat observing elk, buffalo, yak, and over 500 other mammals and flightless birds roaming free. You can purchase food to feed any animals that come directly up to the tour bus during your journey and enjoy direct interaction with some of our friendlier park residents.

For even more hands-on fun, our petting zoo is stocked with alpacas, pygmy goats, and other touchable animals. Cups of nutritionally appropriate food and coin-operated machines that release food pellets let you hand-feed the animals in the petting zoo.

In addition to our hands-on attractions, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park also has a fully functional zoo for you to explore. Observe monkeys, African lions, kangaroos, alligators, and a wide assortment of other exciting exotic animals from around the world. Our new giraffe exhibit features three reticulated giraffes on display during normal park hours and a feeding station where you can hand-feed these impressively tall animals during specific feeding times. Only the food sold at the giraffe exhibit may be fed to the giraffes.

Since opening in 2011, our Reptiles & Exotics habitat has become one of our most popular attractions for visitors to the park. State-of-the-art exhibits make our reptile residents feel right at home and give you a glimpse into their lives in the wild. Educational presentations throughout the day provide insight into the habits and behaviors of the animals in our Reptiles & Exotics exhibit.

Special Events At The Park

In addition to fun family activities and wildlife-themed exhibits, the park also hosts recurring special events throughout the year. Schedule your visit during our Pioneer Days event to learn more about how people lived in the area during pioneer times, or plan a trip to Lake Tobias during our annual Scavenger Hunt event (will resume 2022) to discover a new way of exploring the park.

Daily events, such as animal feedings and presentations, make every visit to the park special. Sundays at 4 p.m., head to the alligator exhibit to watch these hungry swamp creatures enjoy a meal, or stop by our baby animal facility to find out if any feedings are scheduled for the day.

Plan Your Visit

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is located at 760 Tobias Drive in Halifax, just off Route 225 in central Pennsylvania near Fisherville. There is a Lake Tobias sign at the entrance to Tobias Road to make us easy to find.

The park is open every day from May through Labor Day. After Labor Day we are open weekends only plus Columbus Day until our season closing date at the end of October. We will be offering the drive thru safari during the month of November. Check out our Hours page for more information on the park schedule.

If you are visiting with a large group, discounts may be available, and you can reserve a table for your group to eat at during your visit. For more information about the park or to make a table reservation, give us a call at 717-362-9126 or fill out our online contact form.