Concessions & Food

Safari Station at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Great things to eat at Lake Tobias

There are five general areas where food can be purchased at the park. The Grille & Grub, the BBQ Shack, and Lakeside Eats are all located in the center of the park which is the hub of park activity. The Safari Station and new Watering Hole concession stands also have a snack shop that offer the same snack foods as the Grille & Grub.


There are three general-purpose concession stands at the park, the Grille & Grub, Safari Station, and Watering Hole. These stands are stocked full of drinks and treats such as candy and popcorn. Additionally, this is where you can purchase animal food to feed our animals – carrots, pellets, and popcorn! Due to safety regulations and possible contamination, only animal food approved by the USDA to feed our animals is sold at our concession stands and this is the only food that may be fed to the animals. You can also find our park managers and first aid staff at these concession stands.


Food – Hot and Cold

Hungry for more than a light snack? We also have three food service areas at the park – the Grille & Grub, Lakeside Eats, and the BBQ Shack. The Grille & Grub offers hot food such as burgers, fries, and our renowned bison burgers. Across from the Grille & Grub, you can get subs, tacos, burritos, and delicious pretzel bun sandwiches as well as a large variety of frozen treats from our Lakeside Eats. This includes hand-dipped ice cream, Slush Puppies, and giant freeze pops! The BBQ Shack offers pork, chicken, beef, BBQ sandwiches, Mac and cheese, and other picnic-type food items. All three locations close 30 minutes before park closing.


Bring Your Own Picnic

Visitors are also more than welcome to bring their own picnic lunches to enjoy at the park using one of our five outdoor pavilions.

 Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, Halifax, PA.
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