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Guests seeing animals on safari tour

Take a Tour of a Wildlife Safari Zoo in Central Pennsylvania

Guided Safari Tours in Central Pennsylvania

The dry plains of Africa and the woodlands and forests of Australia have never felt closer thanks to the incredible safari tour at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. Like our other amazing attractions, the safari allows you and your family to see first-hand the various animals native to those lands and learn about their natural habitats. Discover more about our animal safari in Central Pennsylvania and all you can expect to see on your journey.

Guided Safari offered May thru October.


Self Drive-Thru Safari Available Only in April and November

Guests who wish to enjoy our safari tour from the comfort of their vehicles can do so with our self drive-thru option. VEHICLES WITH HARD DOORS AND HARD TOP ROOFS ONLY. Those interested in this experience should first read the Self Drive-Thru Rules to ensure their safety and the wellbeing of our animals. You will be required to sign a vehicle waiver prior to entering the safari fields.   


All vehicles MUST have hard tops and doors. Sunroofs and trunks must be closed-USDA requirement (Mesh doors on jeeps are not permitted).

Strict 5 mph speed limit (USDA requirement for animal safety).

You MUST remain in your vehicle during the entirety of the tour.

Pets are not permitted in vehicles.

No riding in the bed of pickup trucks.

No motorcycles, motor homes, buses, or trailers are permitted.

Touching animals is not encouraged.

Feeding animals is prohibited.

LOUD NOISES --honking horns, music and yelling--are not permitted.


The drive-thru trail is an unpaved dirt trail with loose stones, possible animal dung, and occasional mud puddles.

Some animals may not be visible on every drive-thru.

No refunds will be given for any reason after entering the safari fields.

ZOO EXHIBITS ARE NOT AVAILABLE  during the weekends of the self drive-thru.

Admission for the self drive-thru will be $9/person ages 3 through adult.

The Self Drive-Thru Safari pre-season/post-season option is available on select weekends only in April and November

from 10:00 a.m.  to 3:00 p.m.  

Please note: Only the Safari Tour Fields are open for the Self Drive-Thru option. Zoo exhibits are open during our regular season May 1st through October .

Adventure Awaits at Our Wildlife Safari Zoo

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park has been providing visitors with the opportunity to see wild animals since 1965. This unique experience encourages guests to widen their understanding of creatures in environments that mimic their natural habitats. Your safari begins once you climb into our open-air cruisers, which provide riders with breathtaking 360-degree views.
Next, you will journey across 150 acres of gorgeous land featuring hills, pastures, and woodlands. Throughout the tour, be on the lookout for the various animals you may encounter. Don’t worry though, our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides will happily point out any animals that might be hiding, as well as share interesting tidbits about the species that call Lake Tobias Wildlife Park home.
To keep the safari running smoothly and limit wait times, we run up to ten tours at a time. That means even our busiest days see a new tour heading out every ten or fifteen minutes, getting you to the fun as quickly as possible.
Deer approaching safari bus for guests to reach out to touch
Numerous animals surrounding safari tour bus
Majestic bison spotted on safari tour

Say Hello to Our Animals

One of the best parts about our safari zoo in Pennsylvania is all the different animals you may see. More than 500 animals roam the safari fields freely at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. You may meet curious critters that are just as interested in you as you are in them — it is common for animals to approach the tour bus and get close enough for guests to reach out and touch them. Interacting with these animals is sure to be an unforgettable and highly beneficial experience for your party.

Child getting opportunity to touch animal on safari tour
Safari station at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Our New Safari Station

Dedicated to providing our guests with the best possible experience, we are happy to introduce our safari station. Built and launched in 2015, the safari station includes the following:

  • A comfortable holding area large enough to fit guests as they wait for their turn to hop aboard the cruiser
  • A snack shop where you can grab a drink, some food for the ride, and even feed to give the animals while on the tour
  • Well-maintained restrooms for your convenience

Things to Keep in Mind for Your Next Safari Tour

To help guests get the most out of their animal safari in Pennsylvania, we encourage all to be mindful of when the tours begin. Rides go out right when the park opens, and guests are welcome to come early to avoid crowds or waiting in long lines. Our tours last around 45 minutes, providing plenty of time to take in the entire tour without tiring out the youngest in your group. The last tour departs our Safari Station one hour before closing.

Please be advised that we do not accept reservations for our tours as they are offered on a first come, first serve basis. However, even if you miss your preferred time, another is coming up shortly!

Plan Your Visit Today to Our Safari in Pennsylvania

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park welcomes guests from Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas to enjoy a first-hand experience with animals from six continents. Our safari tour allows visitors to witness a variety of majestic animals and gain insight into their way of life. Contact us today to learn more about our Pennsylvania safari tours and rates, or to view our park hours.

Safari Times

  • Safari tours begin when the park opens.
  • Tours last approximately 45 minutes.
  • Last tour goes out one hour before closing.
  • Tours are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and depart multiple times per day.
View Park Hours
 Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, Halifax, PA.
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