Park Rules

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park Safari Tour fields

Park Rules

Deliberate mistreatment of our animals, intentional disregard of Park rules or rude, disruptive behavior toward other Park visitors, may result in dismissal from Lake Tobias without monetary compensation.

For the Safety of Yourself and Others

  • Alcohol, firearms, and other weapons are strictly prohibited on park property.
  • Do not climb on perimeter fences, trees, or animal exhibits.
  • Smoking and vaping are permitted only in parking lots.
  • Stay out of restricted areas and respect barriers.
  • Inclement weather or unforeseen circumstance may cause us to temporarily close safari tours, shows, or exhibits. Please understand that we cannot control the weather, and do not give refunds for inclement weather.

For the Safety of the Animals

  • As per USDA rules, only food purchased here at the park may be fed to our animals.
  • When feeding the animals, be cautious. Our animals cannot distinguish fingers from food.
  • Do not tease, chase, or throw objects at any animals.
  • Pets and emotional support animals are not permitted on park property. Certified service animals are allowed on park property but may not be able to enter certain areas.
  • Here at Lake Tobias we understand your love for your pet, but unfortunately a zoo is not the best place to bring a pet. Many of our animals are exotic or carnivorous and may become anxious or excited if they see an unfamiliar animal like your pet. This is why it is best, both for the safety of your pets and the safety of our animals, that you leave your pets at home.
  • Always follow employee instruction when interacting with animals.
 Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, Halifax, PA.
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