Catch & Release Fishing

Fishing at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Catch-and-Release Fishing at Lake Tobias

Catch-and-release fishing can be a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors by yourself or with your whole family. From young children handling a rod and reel for the first time to avid fisherman looking for a different way to partake in their favorite pastime, fishing at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park offers fun, fresh air, and an educational experience all rolled into one.

What You Need to Fish at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

If you decide to participate in catch-and-release fishing at Lake Tobias, you’ll have access to the main lake, which is full of bass, trout, and bluegills. The lake is only to fisherman during park hours, and there’s a fishing fee of $3.00 per person for those aged 13 years or older, in addition to general park admission. Children aged 12 years and younger can fish for free as long as they’re in the company of a paid fisherman at least 16 years of age.

Please note that all fishermen must bring their own rod and bait, and all fishing is catch and release only. A fishing license is not required.

Tips for Catch-and-Release Fishing

Catch-and-release fishing helps preserve the wildlife here at Lake Tobias. Also, it gives other fishermen and visitors a chance to enjoy the lake and its inhabitants for years to come. Please remember that all fishing at Lake Tobias is catch and release — no exceptions!

Here are a few tips to help make your visit as fun and relaxing as possible:

  • Before you start fishing, set up for a quick release — that means making sure your release tools (needle-nose pliers and hemostats work well) are nearby
  • Always be hands-on with your rod and line
  • Consider using barbless hooks for a quicker, gentler release
  • Use artificial lures and flies, which generally hook in the lip, instead of live bait, which often results in deep hooks that are harder to remove
  • Land fish quickly as playing them to exhaustion can be harmful
  • Use a landing net to reduce the potential for injury, especially if the fish are large
  • Whenever possible, keep fish in the water while you remove your hook
  • If you have to pull a fish out of the water to remove your hook, get the fish back in the water as quickly as possible — they shouldn’t be on land or in the air longer than you can hold your breath
  • If a fish is exhausted, you may need to help resuscitate it by moving it in the water after release (facing it into the current may help)
  • Always handle fish with gloves or wet hands to protect their natural coating

More about Lake Tobias

For more than 50 years, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park has introduced visitors to animals they might not otherwise ever have the opportunity to see up close. In return, those visitors help support the fascinating family of exotic creatures that call Lake Tobias home. Our park features animals from six continents plus a wealth of educational attractions, including our museum, which centers on the history of the park, ZooVenture Summer Camp, and a calendar packed with special events. It’s the perfect place to hang out with friends, delight your kids, or indulge your own love for our furry, feathered, and scaly residents.

Fishing Times

If you’d like to try your hand at catch-and-release fishing at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, check out our hours for updated opening and closing information. You can also make reservations online if you’re interested in hosting a larger group in one of our pavilions. For general information, check out our FAQ or call us directly at 717-362-9126.

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 Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, Halifax, PA.
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