Wildlife Park Weekend Trips In PA

Picnic Pavilion A Crowded with Staff and Guests at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

COVID-19 Update

Tables reservations are currently on hold until social distancing orders are lifted. Groups may still apply for discounted admission to the park.

If you’re planning weekend trips in Pennsylvania for a group, consider booking a table to enjoy a picnic lunch at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park between exploring our exciting animal-themed exhibits. Larger groups can rent multiple tables to celebrate a scouting trip, family reunion, birthday, or business event. In addition to weekends and summer weekdays, the park also accommodates groups by prior reservation on Thursdays and Fridays during September and October. Groups of 20 or more can get a group discount on ticket prices in addition to being able to rent a table for lunch at the park.

Reserving Tables For Group Weekend Trips In PA

If you’re planning on visiting Lake Tobias Wildlife Park as a group, reserving a table ensures that you have space to enjoy lunch together during your visit. You can reserve tables for $10 each, and the extra-long tables accommodate 15 to 20 people each. There are eight tables per pavilion, and you can book one or more as needed. We ask guests to reserve only the tables they need in order to accommodate other visitors to the park.

Unreserved tables are free for anyone to use, so if you’re visiting with just your family or a small group of friends, you might not need a reservation. Parking attendants can direct you to unreserved tables.

Pavilion Locations

Tables are available at a few different locations in the park, and each pavilion has specific features that might work for your group. All five pavilions have electricity, so you can set up appliances or devices to support your event. The pavilions are all located around the lake and offer pleasant views of the park to enjoy during your meal.

Pavilion A

This pavilion is at the center of the park close to the accessible parking area, making it ideal for groups with wheelchair users or individuals with mobility issues. A jungle gym play area and public restrooms are also nearby, making this pavilion popular with groups that include lots of kids. Unreserved tables at this pavilion are also used as overflow seating for customers at our concession booths.

Pavilion B

Pavilion B is located near the new Safari Station, directly across from the entrance to the open-air safari tour. Groups planning on taking the safari tour may prefer tables at this pavilion to enjoy a picnic lunch immediately before or after their tour. A pirate ship play facility offers a place for kids in your group to work off their energy after lunch, and public restrooms are also located nearby for convenience.

Pavilion C, Pavilion D, And Pavilion E

These three pavilions are located near each other across a walking bridge from Pavilion B. They are the pavilions closest to the visitor parking lots and have portable toilets nearby. A public restroom is also available within a few minutes walk, and a jungle gym play area is nearby to accommodate children in your group. These three pavilions are the nearest to the new giraffe exhibit.

Call To Reserve Your Table

Make a note on your planning calendar to book your table at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park when you’re setting up weekend trips in Pennsylvania. We ask that you make table reservations two weeks or more in advance, especially during special events when tables get booked up quickly. Give us a call at 717-362-9126 or fill out our online contact form to find out which tables and pavilions are available on your desired weekend.