One Of The Premier Tourist Attractions In Halifax, PA

Since 1965, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park has been one of the premier tourist attractions for people visiting Halifax, PA. With hundreds of acres and nearly a thousand animals, we provide visitors with a one of a kind, wildlife experience. While we know central Pennsylvania has a lot to offer visitors, our park is educational and exciting for people of all ages.

Safari Tour and Zoo

One of our most popular tourist attractions is the interactive safari tour through our open fields. The tour meanders through 150 acres of rolling hills, and visitors will see hundreds of animals roaming freely. Due to their familiarity with the tours, many animals will walk alongside our open-top buses, allowing visitors to touch and pet them. Visitors can see more exotic animals in our zoo exhibit, including lions, tigers, zebras, bears, alligators, monkeys, and baboons.

Interactive Experiences

At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, it’s wildlife you can touch—adventure you can feel. Along with the zoo exhibits and the safari tour of our wildlife refuge, we also offer visitors to our Halifax park a chance to interact more closely with a variety of animals. Our baby animal program consists of trained staff walking around the park with young and newborn animals, allowing guests a chance to see them up close, pet them, and ask the staff member questions. We also offer a petting zoo that is extremely popular with younger children. Visitors can pet and feed pygmy goats, llamas, alpacas, and camels.

With over 50 years in operation, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is proud to offer the latest generation of visitors to Halifax the chance to view and interact with exotic and unusual animals. Our zoo provides a wide variety of exciting and educational activities at an affordable price. Customers can contact us with any questions.

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

760 Tobias Road

Halifax, PA 17032

(717) 362-9126


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 Photo Of Horned Animal Living In Wildlife Refuge - Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

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Information on Zoo Exhibits

Mammals and Birds:

Ern Tobias


Reptiles and Tropical Birds:

Jan Tobias-Kieffer


Baby Animals:

Curator: Kelsey Tobias


Mailing Address

760 Tobias Road

Halifax, Pa. 17032

Office : Open M-F 10 AM- 6 PM

Office Number : 717-362-9126

or 717-362-6931

Fax Number: 717-362-9993


Park Information

General Park Information:

Robyn Pearson



Pam Jury, Robyn Pearson


Visitor Services Department

Director of Visitor Services:

Jo Miller


Grill & Grub Manager:

 Toby Hoffman


Gift Shop Manager:

Tatum Miller


Paper Products & Cleaning Supplies:

Jennie Farner


Administrative Department

Director of Public Relations and Marketing:

Jan Tobias-Kieffer


Director of Finances:

Pam Jury


Director of Human Resources:

Andrew Snyder


Business Office Manager:

Pam Jury


Operations Department 

Director of Park and Farm Operations; General Curator:

Ern Tobias


Assistant Director of Operations and Mechanics:

Michael Jury

Reptiles & Exotics General Manager; Reptile Curator:

Jan Tobias-Kieffer


     Educational Coordinator

      Peter Tantillo