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Lake Tobias Wildlife Park offers plenty of fun family activities for all ages. Get up close and personal with animals on our open-air safari tour, at our petting zoo, and in our reptiles & exotics facility, or learn about different creatures from around the globe at our zoo exhibits.

Enjoying Fun Family Activities at the Park

How long does it take to explore Lake Tobias Wildlife Park?
There’s so much to see at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park that you could come back again and again and have a new experience each time. Most visitors plan about four hours for a single visit, or slightly longer for those who also plan to picnic at the park.
What can visitors do at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park?
Our open-air safari is the main attraction at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, but there are also plenty of other things to do and see. Encounter giraffes at our new giraffe deck where you may also feed them. Don't miss the Reptiles & Exotics facility that offers educational presentations throughout the day and the new Museum & Education Center has touch-and-feel learning experiences as well as a 500-gallon aquarium with large fish and stingrays. We operate a petting zoo, a Zoo Babies exhibit and have a full variety of zoo exhibits for you to explore.
Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards to make payments easy.
Can visitors bring lunch to the park or barbecue on a grill at the park?
We invite visitors to bring a lunch and have a picnic at the park during their visit. You're welcome to sit at any open, unreserved table in one of our open-air pavilions, or you can reserve a table in a pavilion for $15 and guarantee your family a specific spot. Although we do not provide grills, we do allow the use of charcoal or gas grills and request that visitors using charcoal empty their grills after use on the stones, not in the grass
Can visitors rent strollers at the park?
Wagons and children's carts are available for rental at the HUB concession stand.

Park Accessibility

Does Lake Tobias Wildlife Park allow pets, emotional support animals, and service animals?
Trained service animals are welcome at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, but there might be some restricted areas. In particular, areas where the presence of an unfamiliar animal might disturb our exotic zoo animals may be off-limits for a service dog. We cannot accommodate pets and emotional support animals because of the potential disturbance to the zoo animals that live at our facility. Because trained service dogs undergo specific obedience training, they are able to adapt to and handle situations that pets and emotional support animals cannot. Keeping unfamiliar animals away from our exotic creatures is essential for the health and safety of both our animals and our guests at the park.
Is the park accessible to wheelchair users?
The zoo is mostly accessible to wheelchair users, although you might want to bring a wheelchair with larger wheels to navigate on gravel paths throughout the park. We also have a special wheelchair-accessible safari bus to accommodate wheelchair users on our open-air tour. The area not accessible by a wheelchair or a mobility scooter would be Lake View Trail.
Is there accessible parking?
Accessible parking is available at the parking lot in Pavilion B area.
Does parking cost extra?
Parking for visitors to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is free at the lots on our property.

Park Rules and Procedures

Can visitors bring food to feed the animals at the park?
Feeding the animals at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is one of the fun family activities visitors look forward to the most, but the animals can only eat food purchased at the park. The USDA-approved food we sell at the park is crafted to suit their nutritional needs, and outside food may disrupt their diets. Please help us keep our animals healthy by only feeding them foods provided by the park.
Do you stay open if it rains?
Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is open rain or shine, and we do not give refunds for inclement weather. However, the safari tours will not go out if there is thunder, lightning or heavy rain. The giraffe exhibit will also not be open for those same weather conditions and also if the temperature is below 45 degrees.
What items are prohibited at the park?
Firearms, other weapons, and alcohol are strictly prohibited on park property. Cigarette smoking and e-cigarette use is only allowed in the parking lot, not within the park itself. Check out our park rules for more information.

Contact us for more information

If you have more questions about Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, please call us or fill out our contact form.

 Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, Halifax, PA.
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