Lake Tobias Wildlife Park Safari Tour fields

Handicapped Accessibility

Lake Tobias has proven to be a popular destination for retirement homes and other groups with special needs. We work to keep the park accessible to everyone by running a special wheelchair accessible tour bus and offering golf cart services for visitors with trouble walking. Additionally, handicapped parking is provided inside the park near Pavilion A for easy access to park attractions.

Wheelchair Accessible Safari Tour

Lake Tobias’s wheelchair accessible Safari Tour bus was made for visitors unable to board a typical bus. The bus will hold a maximum of four wheelchairs and 14 additional passengers. However, we recommend the use of a regular Safari Tour bus if you are able to exit the wheelchair, board the bus, and maintain an upright seated position while riding. Our new Safari Station opened in June 2015 and is located on the hill above the lake. Our original safari loading area located near handicapped parking is now exclusively used for the wheelchair accessible tour bus.

Zoo Exhibits

All of our zoo exhibits (with the exception of Lake View Trail) are wheelchair accessible, meaning you can get to them and view them on a wheelchair. However, please note that the park grounds are gravel covered and there are some inclines. This may make pushing a wheelchair difficult for some people. Park visitors have told us that wheelchairs with larger wheels work best on the loose gravel. For park visitors with difficulty walking, golf cart rides are available to and from certain areas.

 Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, Halifax, PA.
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