COVID-19 Update

The giraffes will be viewable from both the drive-thru and during general park admission. Our giraffe feedings are now open! The times for the giraffe feedings are 10:30, 1:00, and 4:00 p.m.


Come meet our newest additions to the park – our three Reticulated Giraffes, Spike, Bakari, and Tucker. Take the trail through the newest section of the park to arrive at their new exhibit located adjacent to the safari tour. You’ll find them roaming in their pasture where they have over three acres of land to explore and play, or interact with park visitors. Giraffes are the tallest land animal on earth and getting to see these gravity-defying creatures up close is a unique experience that is not to be forgotten.

Close Encounter

Spike, Bakari, and Tucker also have their own elevated feeding platform. As a visitor you will be able to purchase special food for the giraffes and get up close and personal as they take the food right out of your hands.

Please note that the giraffes’ diet is very strict, even more so than other animals at the park. A limited supply of food will be sold during each feeding time so that our giraffes maintain a healthy weight. Food selection may vary by day and there may be periods of time when they are not taking snacks from visitors.

Spike and Bakari with Keepers


The giraffe exhibit is open from 10:00 AM and they tend to return to their indoor exhibit 30-60 minutes before the park closes. You can view the giraffes at any point during these hours, however feeding is only permitted during the feeding times listed below.

Giraffe Feeding Times: Visitors may feed the giraffes at  10:30, 1:00, and 4:00.  Only food sold at the Giraffe Food Booth is permitted to feed the giraffes. You can purchase various vegetables or Acacia branches for the giraffes to enjoy.