Go Wild! with Our Central PA Zoo Activities

For over 50 years, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park has been providing entertainment and education to the families of central Pennsylvania. We offer a wide variety of activities for our visitors, all centered around engaging encounters with our exotic animals. Family-friendly activities range from our petting zoo, where guests can mingle with some of our animals, to a safari excursion over rolling hills of open land dotted with herds of wildlife.

Outdoor Activities

The main attraction at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is our open-air safari. The 45 minute tours are led by our experienced and knowledgeable guides, who transport guests through the 150-acre park in a chop-top safari cruiser, allowing an incredible, up-close view of over 500 animals! Our animals are friendly toward guests, and many will walk alongside the bus while allowing visitors to touch and even pet them. In addition to the safari, our park is home to a large collection of natural habitat exhibits that house some of our more exotic animals, including lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Park visitors can even stop by during feeding time (most Sundays at 4 PM weather permitting) at the alligator pen to gaze into the open maw of these giant reptiles—from a safe distance, of course.

Indoor Activities

Along with our many opportunities for outdoor fun, visitors can get out of the elements to see some amazing creeping, crawling, and slithering creatures at our Reptiles and Exotics Facility. The exhibits in the facility house an interesting collection of snakes, lizards, tortoises, tropical birds, lemurs, tamarins, and even a sloth! Educational presentations are given throughout the day on these fascinating creatures, and you may even touch an alligator or snake if you dare!

Kids’ Activities

While we consider all of our exhibits and activities at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park to be educational and fun, our baby animal program and petting zoo tare definitely a favorite of young children. Our baby animal staff members wander throughout the park every day with young and newborn animals and are always happy to stop and speak with guests, especially children, to answer any questions asked of them. You may also view the baby animals at their new Zoo Babies Exhibit. Most younger guests welcome the chance to interact and play with our baby animals, which can be the highlight of any visit to our park.

If young explorers want additional hands-on fun, the petting zoo is the place to pet, play, and run around with new animal friends. For most, it’s definitely the first time they’ve had the opportunity to pet a camel, feed an alpaca, or run around with pygmy goats and llamas. Carrots and food pellets are available for guests to purchase to feed to the animals, who will be eager to meet you!

Plan your visit to see the animals and activities at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park! If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us today.