Family Fun Animal Park Activities

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park has been providing wildlife-themed adventure for over 50 years. From engaging directly with exotic animals on our open-air safari to feeding the pygmy goats in our petting zoo, we offer a wide variety of activities to delight visitors of all ages.

Open-Air Safari

Our main attraction is our open-air safari, where you get up close with a wide range of over 500 animals, including elk, North American bison, watusi, Asian water buffalo and an assortment of flightless birds. The animals roam freely, making every safari a unique experience, and the chop-top safari cruiser gives you direct access to the animals as you ride through the 150-acre safari field. Some of the animals even come right up to the side of your safari cruiser or walk alongside where riders can reach out to touch them. Each 45-minute tour is led by an experienced, knowledgeable guide, so you learn about the lives and habitats of the animals you see while you enjoy the ride.

Outdoor Zoo Exhibits

Our outdoor zoo exhibits house everything from deadly predators to giant herbivores, all in natural habitat exhibits that give them room to roam. Black bears, Bengal tigers, kangaroos, and reticulated giraffes are just a few of the popular animals you can see during your visit. Stop by our alligator exhibit during feeding time, which occurs on most Sundays at 4 p.m., to watch from a safe distance while these ferocious reptiles snap up their daily meal.

Explore The World Of Reptiles And Exotics

Get an inside peek at snakes, lizards, tropical birds, and a two-toed sloth when you visit our indoor Reptiles and Exotics Facility. Regular educational presentations let you learn more about your favorite animals. You might also get the opportunity to touch an alligator or snake when our educational staff brings them out of their exhibits to give you a closer look.

Family Fun Activities At The Petting Zoo

Our petting zoo gives your kids an experience they can look back on fondly for years to come. Camels and alpacas at the petting zoo allow children and adults to touch animals they might not otherwise ever come in contact with, while smaller animals such as pygmy goats approach at a kid-friendly level to help younger children feel comfortable reaching out a hand for a quick nuzzle or gentle pet.

Zoo Babies

Throughout the day, members of our baby animal team sometimes wander the park with young and newborn animals to give visitors a chance to see them up close. Our knowledgeable staff members are always happy to stop and speak with guests and answer questions about the babies in their care.

You can also visit our dedicated Zoo Babies Exhibit. This section of our park is reserved for baby animals that have been rejected by their mothers or need a temporary helping hand due to illness or injury. Be sure to check the feeding schedule posted at the exhibit when you stop by.

Plan your visit to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park today and give your family an experience they are sure to enjoy. Feel free to give us a call or email us to learn more about the fun family activities at our park.