Two-toed Tree Sloth

Two toed sloth at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Tree sloths are found in Central and South America. Two-toed sloths have two toes on their front feet and three toes on their back feet. Their close relative, the three-toed sloth has three toes on all four feet.

Sloths will spend most of their life hanging upside down in the treetops and seldom move. Because the rainforest is so hot and humid, sloths will begin growing small plants and moss in their hair, giving them a green appearance which helps to camouflage them with their surroundings.

Because sloths are made for hanging, they cannot walk. If they are found on the ground, they will drag themselves around on their stomachs. However, sloths are said to be extremely good swimmers. Sloths generally only come down from a tree to defecate and will even give birth while hanging upside down. Sloths eat fruit, leaves and flowers and have the slowest digestive system. It takes them up to one month to digest a meal.

Two toed sloth at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park
 Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, Halifax, PA.
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