Safari adventures are exciting for people of all ages, and if you’re one of them, we invite you to visit one of the most popular safari parks in the U.S. The safari tour at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is an unforgettable experience that allows families to observe various animals as they roam free in an open space. To help you get the most enjoyment out of this unique attraction, we offer tips to follow when you visit us.

People enjoy a wildlife safari at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Be Prepared

Preparing for your safari adventure beforehand ensures you have a stress-free experience at the park.  For example, at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, we require guests going on the drive-thru safari to sign a waiver. This waiver grants us liability protection if you or a passenger suffers injury or your property gets damaged on the ride. Save time by printing and filling out the drive-thru waiver before you arrive at the park. A few additional tips to think about when prepping for your animal exploration include:

Show Up On Time

While there are multiple opportunities to catch a ride on the safari bus during the day, planning a specific time to go creates less stress. Safari tours start when the park opens and run until closing, with each ride lasting 45 minutes. Since we don’t offer reservations, the first individuals to arrive will be the first to ride the safari. Therefore, if you have a desired time frame in mind, consider coming to the safari station a few minutes early.

Once you arrive at the safari tour station, you will find a large seating area where you and your crew can sit while you await the next expedition. There is also a snack lounge if you want to fuel up before you begin your safari.

Dress Accordingly

Comfortable, practical clothes are the best option when visiting a wildlife park. Although your clothing choices will change depending on the temperature, some options to consider include:  

Brace Yourself For The Ride Duration

Since the safari lasts approximately 45 minutes, consider bringing a water bottle and a snack along for the ride. Most importantly, use the bathroom before the expedition begins.

Preparing yourself and your family for the animal tour can help everyone better focus on the experience and the animals while riding. You won’t want to be distracted by hunger, thirst, uncomfortable clothes, or a need to use the restroom during the tour and miss out on all the fun.

Take It All In 

There is a lot to see and learn when you are riding through the fields of wild animals. To ensure you get the most enjoyment, relax and allow your eyes to absorb all the natural beauty you see. While taking pictures of the animals and the scenery helps preserve memories, don’t forget to live in the moment for a few minutes. Additionally, the employees on the safari bus can answer any of your questions and teach you some interesting facts about the creatures.

Enjoy Your Safari Park Adventure to The Fullest

The safari ride here at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is an extraordinary opportunity for families and individuals to experience wildlife. Make memories that will last a lifetime, and enjoy your safari ride to the fullest potential by being prepared and taking in the beauty of the animals and natural surroundings. Contact us today to learn more about our safari tour in Central Pennsylvania and other exciting attractions.

If you're searching for a fun and educational adventure for the whole family, why not try a safari? A fresh spin on your local zoo experience, safari attractions serve as opportunities to explore concepts of conservation, discover new wildlife, and have an enjoyable experience together. In Central Pennsylvania, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park offers a scenic safari tour that can take quality time with your family to a whole new level. Here, we provide more insight into family-friendly safaris and what they offer visitors of all ages.

A close-up view of a giraffe

Spark an Interest in Wildlife

Of course, the main attraction of an exciting safari tour is the animals. An attraction like this allows guests to get up close with wildlife they may have never seen in person before. With animals typically roaming freely, there’s a chance one may wander up to the tour bus, allowing your family to reach out and touch a beautiful creature. At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, we feature more than 400 animals throughout our safari fields. With native and exotic animals enjoying life in a natural habitat, this excursion is perfect for animal lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

In addition to seeing new animals, guests also will get to learn about them from a guide. Tour guides can provide new and interesting facts about the different species in view, such as what they typically eat and where they're originally from, sparking the interest of young safari crew members.

Enjoy a Change of Scenery

During the unique experience of a safari attraction, your family gets to enjoy a whole new world. This can be great for breaking up the usual routine. Even though Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is located in Pennsylvania, our 150 acres of wide-open land will leave you feeling like you’re in Africa, Australia, or another far-off location across the globe.

More so, a safari tour is a wonderful chance for everyone in the family to get outside and immerse themselves in a natural setting. An engaging alternative to indoor activities, a safari provides the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and experience the great outdoors in a whole new way.

Bond with Your Family

The great thing about getting an opportunity to see and learn about animals is experiencing them with loved ones. This thrilling attraction can help families bond together as they delight in a new experience free of distractions – other than the animals, of course. From grandparents and parents to siblings and cousins, you can plan to enjoy this particular attraction as a group.

Embark on the Safari Tour at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Our family-friendly safari attraction is an exciting local excursion, and tours depart frequently to minimize wait time. Located in Halifax, PA, and serving visitors from Central PA, Philadelphia, Baltimore, MD, and beyond, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park offers its guests a safari tour where they can gain a firsthand view of the animals across our scenic grounds. We also offer weekend drive-thru safaris in your own vehicle in April and November. View our park hours or contact us today for more information.

Fears of snakes, spiders, and other reptiles are very common amongst children and adults. This phobia can potentially keep you or your child from spending time in nature and playing outdoors, both of which have a host of benefits for people of all ages. At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, we provide guests with numerous interactive attractions.

Children waiting to pet a lizard.

Raising Awareness about This Fear’s Causes

While everyone is different, there are several causes that could contribute to someone’s fear of reptiles and spiders. At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, we believe the first step in overcoming this fear is identifying the true cause, which could include common reasons such as:

Overcoming Your Fear at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Slowly increasing your exposure to reptiles and spiders can help you overcome your fear. At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, we offer our guests periodic reptile shows, where they can learn about the animals and access the safe, enjoyable exposure they need to overcome their fears. Another safe way of exposing your child to the animals is by visiting our great reptile and exotic animal exhibit, which features creatures such as:

Visiting this exhibit will allow your child to view these animals in their natural habitat, observe how safe they are, all while keeping an appropriate amount of distance away. Once your child becomes comfortable with this, they may be ready to handle the animals next. Every visit can contribute to your child overcoming their phobia.

Learn More at Our Reptile and Exotic Animal Exhibit

If you or a loved one, especially a child, has a phobia of reptiles and spiders, take the first step toward overcoming this fear at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. Located in Halifax, Pennsylvania, and serving visitors from Central Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Beyond, we proudly provide the educational, safe attractions that allow you to get up close to reptiles and spiders – and maybe even handle them! View park hours now, or contact us for more information.

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Come visit us at Lake Tobias in Halifax, PA, a small town right outside of Harrisburg. While you’re here check out Visit Hershey & Harrisburg for other exciting things to do in the area!

Touch and feed real animals at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

We are proud to be a leading attraction in the Hershey and Harrisburg region. Check out this recent video produced by Visit Hershey & Harrisburg to see why we are a family favorite. And visit Visit Hershey & Harrisburg’s website for more information about Lake Tobias Wildlife Park and other attractions in the area.

J.R. Tobias and his lioness

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is home to the most fascinating animal safari in Pennsylvania, and the site comes with a long and captivating history. Since its inception in 1965, the park has grown from one man’s dream to an attraction beloved by people of all ages and walks of life. Here, in the beautiful countryside, anyone who wants to commune with nature can witness firsthand the beauty and mystique of some of the most breathtaking creatures on the planet.

From Childhood Home to Animal Habitat

J.R. Tobias was born and raised on the property that’s now Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. His love of animals surfaced at a young age, and he once planned to go to college to study animals and agriculture, but in 1943, he followed a different calling and joined the Marines. Though Mr. Tobias once referred to his concept of a safari park as “just a hobby to fall back on in my retirement,” a whisper of an idea turned into something that would last beyond his lifetime.

At the time, a safari park that let herding inhabitants roam free was unheard of. The concept of safari cruisers — upgraded school buses — as tour vehicles was yet another innovation. Mr. Tobias borrowed equipment from his own excavating and grading business to create stream-fed lakes and shape the fertile plot of land into a habitat fit for a wide variety of exotic creatures. All the while, J.R. supported his family and the construction through a variety of ventures, including a dairy, a John Deere farm machinery business, and a cement block manufacturing company.

Battling the Odds

Though the park has seen many good years and brought countless smiles to visitors young and old, there have also been difficult moments. A tornado tore through Lake Tobias in 1989, destroying several structures but leaving the animals miraculously unharmed. Three years later, a newly acquired animal tested positive for bovine TB; though the situation never presented any danger to the public, poor local reporting resulted in widespread rumors and hysteria. As a result of the panic and USDA regulations, all of the park’s mammals had to be euthanized, including an African lioness particularly near and dear to Mr. Tobias’s heart.

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park Today

The 2014 season marked the park’s 50th year in operation, a massive milestone that came in the midst of more than a decade of improvements and expansions, including:

Though Mr. Tobias passed in 1996, his wife still lives in the park’s farmhouse, which doubles as the safari’s business office. His children, many of whom were already involved in the management of the park, took over from their father, and today there are grandchildren helping to keep J.R.’s vision of a family-owned, self-sustaining safari park alive and well.

Visit the Park

Lake Tobias draws an impressive 240,000 visitors every season and receives no state or federal funding. Instead, the revenue generated by guests provides the sole financial support for the park and its animals. Every time you venture to Lake Tobias to encounter exotic creatures like zebras or capybaras, you’re not only treating yourself to an unforgettable experience, but you’re also contributing to the upkeep and well-being of the entire park family — feathered, furry, and otherwise. To see the magic for yourself, learn more about our park and plan your visit today.

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 Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, Halifax, PA.
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