A Fun Petting Zoo In Halifax, PA

Two Children Feeding a Baby Goat

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax, Pennsylvania, has been fascinating visitors, young and old, with our menagerie of exotic animals since 1965. Our conservation efforts promote the protection of wildlife while encouraging visitors to get to know our spectacular variety of animals. Besides our educational exhibits and realistic habitats, visitors can get up close and personal in our interactive petting zoo, which provides a unique bonding, informative experience as kids of all ages interact with our friendly animals.

Our Petting Zoo

All parents want to create meaningful memories with their kids. Visiting the petting zoo at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park provides a fun experience that your children will remember for years to come. Get ready to encounter an adventure that stands out to your entire family with our diverse assortment of animals and their array of habitats.

Children and adults alike enjoy our friendly creatures from all over the world. From the smallest African pygmy goats to long-necked alpacas, we have animals in all shapes and sizes. During your visit, you can pet and feed domestic farm animals as well as exotic creatures, such as camels, alpacas, and llamas. There are fallow deer and our adorable pygmy goats, which are the perfect size for younger children to pet and nuzzle.

We take special care of all our wildlife so that they’re happy, healthy, and well socialized. Our animals love attention, but keep in mind that they’re not trained, so they may jump on you or nibble at your clothing. Also, some of our animals live in the petting zoo area, but they aren’t available for petting.

Pet And Feed

Make your family’s experience even more memorable by providing a snack to our herd of eager animals who enjoy your visit, too. Like most attractions at Lake Tobias, we welcome visitors to feed the animals in our petting zoo, and our animals will give you a good chuckle because they love receiving treats.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) carefully regulates the food we distribute at the park to suit the nutritional needs of our animals. You are welcome to purchase pellets and carrots from employees at the petting zoo booth or coin-operated dispensers located all around the park. Please remember, only food sold at the park may be given to our zoo residents to prevent disrupting their diets and protect them from accidentally being exposed to any outside contaminants. Help us keep our animals safe and healthy by following this and other important park rules at all times.

Make Lasting Memories

We have more than 50 years of experience providing our visitors with memorable, up-close wildlife encounters at our family-owned and -operated park. We believe in providing an accessible, affordable way for everyone to learn more about the wildlife and environment while creating memories that last a lifetime. Interacting with our animals at the petting zoo helps foster a love of nature in children and enjoying the wildlife together as a family creates an enduring bond.

Our knowledgeable staff members are always happy to stop and talk with visitors, answering questions about any of the animals you might encounter while visiting our beautiful wildlife park. Throughout our history, we’ve continually expanded and improved upon our facilities to provide an even better life for our animal residents and a great overall experience for everyone who visits our park.

We are open daily from May through Labor Day and every weekend in September and October. Our petting zoo welcomes all when the park opens and closes 30 minutes before closing time. Expect to spend at least 20 minutes at this exhibit before, or after, attending our many other thrilling and educational zoo exhibits. Park hours vary, so contact us at 717-362-9126 to ensure we are open during your planned visit.


Petting Zoo opens when the park opens.

Closes 30 minutes before the park closes.

Expect to spend approximately 20+ minutes at this exhibit.

Little Girl Hugging Baby Girl

Make Memories