Central Pennsylvania Giraffe Zoo Exhibit

Lake Tobias - Giraffes

Take a closer look at some terrifically tall land mammals at our newly designed giraffe zoo exhibit at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. Whether you want to admire these gigantic creatures from afar or get up close during a feeding session, there are plenty of opportunities at the park to interact with our giraffes.

Reticulated Giraffes

At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, we feature reticulated giraffes, one of the nine giraffe subspecies native to Africa. In the wild, reticulated giraffes are most commonly found in Somalia, but they also live in areas of Kenya and Ethiopia.

Like our trio of giraffes at the zoo, reticulated giraffes in the wild tend to live in small groups of same-sex animals. When babies are born, female giraffes often form larger herds to help care for and watch over the young giraffes. Young male giraffes roam together in small bachelor groups. Giraffes sometimes swap groups, and female groups often allow one or two males into the group temporarily.

The most distinguishing feature of a giraffe is its neck, which can reach up to eight feet from the giraffe’s torso. Between the long neck and tall legs, a giraffe can reach heights of up to 18 feet. The long neck and tall body let giraffes reach tender new growth at the tops of trees, so leaves, fruit, and seeds are their main sustenance.

Surprisingly, that extra-long neck doesn’t have any extra vertebrae in it. A giraffe has seven vertebrae, the same as all mammals.

Our New Giraffe Zoo Exhibit

Down a trail leading to an area just beside our safari tour station, you can find our latest exhibit, the giraffe habitat. Our new giraffe zoo exhibit houses three reticulated giraffes, Spike, Bakari, and Tucker, and we’ve given them nearly three acres of land to roam to ensure their health and contentment. Watch them play and explore their habitat, or get an up-close look when they come to check out visitors.

The giraffe exhibit features a an 80 ft. observation/feeding deck where you can interact directly with these tall mammals, and you can purchase food to hand-feed the giraffes. Because our giraffes are on a strict diet, they can only eat food provided at the giraffe exhibit food booth and in specific amounts. No outside food is allowed, and available food for visitors to offer to the giraffes may be limited to ensure they don’t overeat. The food selection varies from day to day, but snacks provided for guests to feed the giraffes typically include an assortment of vegetables or acacia branches. Feeding times are at 10:30 a.m., 1 p.m., and 4 p.m., but you can view the giraffes in their exhibit beginning at 10 a.m. on any day the park is open. The giraffes tend to move into their overnight enclosure about 30 to 60 minutes before park closing, so you might want to get to their exhibit early to ensure a good view.

Contact Us To Plan Your Visit

A visit to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park isn’t complete without a stop at our new giraffe zoo exhibit, but that’s not the only thing to see here. While you’re at the park, take an open-air safari tour and visit our other zoo habitats to learn about animals from around the world. Contact us if you have any questions about the park and let us help plan your visit to the wildest attraction in central Pennsylvania.