Safari Tour – Halifax, PA – Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

people on a safari ar Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

About Our Safari Tour

If you’re looking for a fun and educational experience for the whole family, visit Lake Tobias Wildlife Park for our exciting Safari Tour. You will encounter exotic animals from all over the world while learning about their natural habitats. Our wildlife park has been bringing people face-to-face with animals from around the world since 1965.

Enjoy a ride in an open-air cruiser across 150 beautiful acres of rolling hills, pasture, and woodlands, where you’ll see rare and exotic animals from around the world. Our experienced tour guides will share their knowledge about the various species you encounter, as well as their habitats.

What You’ll See

When you and your family board our safari tour, you’ll be transported into another world. You’ll see herds of mammals and flightless birds of all shapes and sizes. With approximately 500 animals roaming freely, you’ll see something different every time you take the tour. Your family will be thrilled by how close the animals come to the tour bus—some will even allow you to touch them!

Cervus canadensis
North America & Asia

Friendly Elk

“Scarlet & Baby”
Bos taurus africanus

Regal Watusi

American Bison
Bison bison
North America
Near Threatened

Mighty Bison

And More!

Safari Station

In 2015 we opened a new Safari Station to improve our guests’ safari experience. The new station features a larger loading area to accommodate more guests, as well as a snack shop and restrooms.

On our busiest days, we run ten tour buses on a continuous basis, allowing us to send out a new tour every 10-15 minutes.


Safari tours begin when the park opens.

Tours last approximately 45 minutes.

Last tour goes out one hour before closing.

Tours are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and depart multiple times per day.