Central Pennsylvania Safari Zoo Tour Rules

Lake Tobias - Open Air Safari

safari zoo tour at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park gets you up close with exotic animals from around the world, and following our facility rules helps make each tour a great experience for both our animals and every visitor to the park. Most guests who visit the park do so because they love seeing and interacting with the animals, so our rules are designed with this in mind. Intentional disregard of the park rules or disruptive behavior may result in immediate expulsion from the park to ensure a pleasant experience for other visitors. We hope our rules make it easier to enjoy our over 150 acres of animal habitat and the more than 500 mammals and flightless birds roaming free in the safari tour area.

Safari Zoo Safety Rules For Visitors

Our general park rules also apply to our safari tours. Specific things that are prohibited on park property, which includes on open-air safari tours at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, are:

  • Firearms
  • Alcohol
  • Weapons of any kind

Smoking and vaping are only permitted in the parking areas, so you can’t bring these products into the park.

Pets and emotional support animals are not allowed anywhere in the park, including on tours. Certified service animals are allowed in the park but may be prohibited from certain areas for the safety of the animals living in the park.

Park rules that help protect you and other visitors include:

  • Climbing on perimeter fences, trees, and animal exhibits is strictly prohibited.
  • Guests are not permitted in restricted areas.
  • Always follow staff instructions when interacting with the animals.
  • Stay inside the open-air safari vehicle during your tour.

Keeping The Animals Safe And Healthy

Many of our safari zoo tour rules were created to keep the animals in our care safe, healthy, and happy. Following these rules helps us maintain a good standard of care for the animals you see at the park:

  • Only feed animals the USDA-approved food purchased at the park. Do not bring outside food for the animals. Giving the animals unapproved food not only puts their health in danger, but it’s also breaking USDA policy.
  • Take care when feeding animals during a safari tour, and follow your tour guide’s instructions as to how to present food to the animals. Many of our animals have trouble distinguishing fingers from food, but presenting food properly can prevent injuries to you or the animals.
  • Do not throw things at animals, chase animals, or tease animals on the tour.
  • Follow the animals’ lead in whether you touch them or not. Some animals may not want to be touched and may stand or walk a safe distance from the vehicle. Others may reach right in to be petted or get some food. Don’t grab at an animal that doesn’t want to be touched or lean over the sides of the open-air vehicle trying to touch an animal that wants to move away. There are plenty of friendly animals who enjoy interacting with visitors on our tour, so focus your physical affection in their direction so all of the animals feel comfortable and happy about visitors coming into their habitat.

Enjoy A Safari Tour In Central Pennsylvania

Sometimes inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances can cancel a safari tour. While there are no refunds for tours canceled due to weather, you may be able to catch another tour later in the day once the weather event has concluded. Or you are permitted to use your Safari Tour ticket another day with the understanding that you will be charged the standard park admission when you return.

If you have any questions about our rules or want to learn more about open-air safari tours at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, give us a call or fill out our contact form for additional details.