Throw Your Next Party at Lake Tobias

January 4, 2023

Birthday parties are special times – for kids and adults. They bring together friends and families, commemorate the birth of loved ones, and enable people to celebrate with gifts and memories. What better way to create a one-of-a-kind event for someone you care about than by holding a safari park party at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park? This will make the birthday girl or boy happy and the guests, too. At a zoo birthday party, everyone can learn about the many animals and visit the wide range of attractions we offer. Here, we explore the benefits of holding a zoo party for your next celebration.

Child Observing Crocodile Held in Keeper's Hands

Why Have a Zoo Birthday Party?

If you are searching for a place to host a birthday party or similar festivity, zoos offer many benefits. The following are some reasons to consider a safari park birthday party:

Unique Venue

Not many people can say their last birthday was held at a wildlife park – this venue is unlike any other. For instance, think of all the creatures you may encounter with a zoo birthday at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. You and your guests can witness the American Black Bear eat its favorite foods, hear the African Lion roar, and watch the American Alligator as it stays submerged for hours in the water. Where else could you experience so many distinct animals from all over the world with friends and family by your side?

Outstanding Memories

Holding a birthday party at a wildlife park is so unique that you and your guests will never regret it – or forget it. A zoo setting inevitably creates memories because it brings people closer to animals they may only see in pictures otherwise. For example, the safari tour and the petting zoo at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park offer opportunities for guests to have unforgettable experiences with animals.

Fun Learning Experience

Throwing wildlife park birthday parties is not only fun but also offers the ideal opportunity for kids of all ages to learn more about the natural world. It’s an immersive educational tool and an exciting way to discover new facts about animals. At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, guests will find a diverse selection of mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, and exotics at the various zoo exhibits.

Give Back to Friends and Family

At your birthday party, you don’t only want to receive presents – you want to give them, too. What better way to give back to your guests who care about you than to invite them to your celebration at a wildlife park? This doubles the number of good memories as you know that your invites got all the experiences of a traditional party while also being able to encounter many interesting animals and events.

Support a Good Cause

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is a private, ZAA accredited zoo and safari park that does not receive state or other funding as many zoos do. By visiting our park or scheduling a special event, you are helping the zoo in its efforts of wildlife conservation and education. At Lake Tobias, we financially support the Giraffe Conservation Foundation for the protection of giraffes in the wild, contribute to the World Wildlife Fund for the conservation of endangered species around the world, and offer educational ZooVenture Summer Camps for children. Our revenue is also used to maintain the many expenses required to keep zoos in operation, such as:

  • Infrastructure
  • Motorized vehicles
  • Insurance
  • Animal food and veterinary care
  • Salaries for the many dedicated animal caretakers

So not only can you and your guests have fun by celebrating at a zoo, but you’ll also know you’re contributing to the conservation of wildlife worldwide and supporting a worthy and educational local cause.

Children Petting Buffalo from Safari Truck

View Park Hours of Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

If your birthday or that of a loved one is drawing near, consider celebrating that special day with a zoo birthday party at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. There are dozens of good reasons for people in Central Pennsylvania to gather at our incredible wildlife park to host a bash. Contact us today for more information regarding rates or to view park hours.

 Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, Halifax, PA.
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