Visit Our New Lion’s Den

April 5, 2023

At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, we’re always working on new ways to create memorable experiences for the thousands of guests that visit our park each year. Our newest exhibit is a lion enclosure featuring two young white lions, and our crowd -favorite, Leo, the large male African lion. Learn more about our zoo exhibits, as well as safari tours and other exciting experiences at the park. Located in Halifax, Pennsylvania, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park regularly welcomes visitors from Central PA and the surrounding areas.

Male lion standing in zoo exhibit

The Lion Exhibit at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Few animals are more majestic than the African lion. While most species of big cats are solitary, lions are social mammals and live in prides – family units that can range from two to 40 animals. A pride of lions lives, hunts, and raises cubs together.

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park recently built a new lion exhibit to emulate the African lion’s natural habitat, featuring large rocks, trees, a waterfall, and plenty of space for our lions to exercise, rest, and play. The lion’s den is now open as part of our outdoor zoo exhibits, where visitors can also get to see animals like antelope, bears, tigers, and giraffes.

What Is a White Lion?

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is excited to be the new home for two young white lions, as well as Leo, a common male African lion. The white lions aren’t a different species of lion, nor are they albino. White African lions have a specific genetic mutation that makes their fur unusually light. This can put white lions at a disadvantage in the wild since it can be more difficult for them to blend into their surroundings. Fortunately, in captivity, white lion cubs can grow up in a safe environment. At our new

 lion exhibit, zoo staff members ensure that the cubs and Leo get proper nutrition, socialization, and stimulation to support healthy development.

An Engaging and Educational Adventure

Founded in 1965, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park offers animal exhibits and activities for kids and adults of all ages. Today, we bring in 240,000 visitors each season from across Central PA and beyond. In addition to our new lion exhibit, our attractions include:

  • Petting zoo: Learn about, feed, and pet the cutest animals, including llamas, pygmy goats, and camels.
  • Reptiles and Exotics: Stroll through these indoor exhibits which feature tropical birds, lizards, pythons, tortoises, and even a two-toed tree sloth.
  • Safari tours: Take a guided tour through our wildlife park, or drive your vehicle on select weekends in April and November. Over 150 acres showcase the habitats of dozens of animal species.
  • Museum and Education Center: Even on a rainy day, you can enjoy the park at our award-winning indoor museum that highlights the history of the park and its founder, J.R. Tobias, as well as wildlife conservation efforts worldwide.
  • Baby Animal Program: The experienced staff at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is on hand to answer questions you may have about the baby animals in our care.
  • Fishing: Both beginners and experienced anglers can partake in catch-and-release, $3 fee- fishing at our main lake, stocked with bluegills, bass, and trout.

Open from April to November, we organize events throughout the main season (May – October) , including day camp programming for children ages nine through 13. We also host groups, birthday parties, and family gatherings. With multiple concession sites throughout the park, you can grab a bite to eat or pack a picnic to enjoy in one of our pavilions.

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is accredited by the ZAA, licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and follows strict guidelines to ensure animal welfare and safety.

Plan Your Visit to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park Today

If you’re looking for a fun activity the whole family can enjoy, plan a trip to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax, PA. You’ll love our new lion zoo exhibit and our countless other attractions where you can learn about animals from all over the world. Come see why families throughout Central PA can’t wait to spend a day at our wildlife park – contact us to learn more or view park hours today.

 Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, Halifax, PA.
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