Park Animals

Playing host to a wide variety of exotic mammals, birds and reptiles, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax, PA offers the perfect opportunity for a day packed full of family fun. Our constantly evolving collection of animals features species collected from across the world, from the deserts of Eastern Africa to the forests of North America.

Lions And Tigers And Bears

Many Lake Tobias visitors absolutely shudder with the anticipation of meeting the most fearsome species we display, including the magnificent African lion, one of the most distinctly recognizable predators on the planet. Not far behind is the Bengal tiger – with its unmistakable stripes and immense size, this creature has earned a formidable reputation, and Lake Tobias Wildlife Park offers a chance to see both of these big cats up close and personal.

The black bear is another favorite with its fair share of admirers. Spread far and wide across North America, these omnivorous creatures may not be as large as other species, but they can nonetheless reach an impressive stature. Often weighing over 500 lb. and sometimes measuring up to 6’ tall, they’re certainly a sight to behold.

Big Birds Abound

View some of the world’s most distinctive feathered fauna at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. Drink in the sight of our ostriches and rheas, two related birds that are both flightless and astonishingly large. Among our more elegant tenants is the East African crowned crane, which features an immediately identifiable golden crest that radiates royalty. While navigating the park, visitors may even catch this bird performing an energetic dance that is part of the species’ mating ritual. Equally elegant and famed for its stunning plumage, the peacock has long remained a staple of zoos across the globe, enchanting onlookers with its spread of iridescent feathers.

Journey Through Our Safari Fields

Our immersive safari tours offer an hour-long exploration across 150 acres of land where visitors will pass by hundreds of free-roaming animals while riding in an open-air cruiser. Creatures that may be encountered throughout this journey range from the North American bison to the Watusi, an African breed of cattle easily identified by their immense horns, which can grow as wide as 6’. Other magnificent beasts wander our safari fields, too, including European fallow deer and Asian water buffalo. Be sure to schedule a trip to the park to see just what our tours have to offer!

Many More Exhibits

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is dedicated to helping visitors discover exotic animals hailing from numerous habitats across six continents, and we accomplish this with a vast variety of exhibits. From our host of reptiles – including Burmese pythons, green tree pythons and American alligators – to favorite fuzzy friends like the two-toed sloth, De Brazza’s monkey and capybara, Lake Tobias’s expansive collection is sure to please with hours upon hours of animal entertainment.

Plan Your Trip Today

Looking for an engaging family-friendly vacation destination? Visit Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. To learn more about our exhibits and features, be sure to browse our website or contact us today.